A Note From Chuck

First and foremost, I'd like to say thank you for your interest in House of Rods. Since the beginning, the support from our family, friends and community has been incredible and much appreciated. It truly is what fuels our business.

I spent a better part of my career doing paint and body work on automobiles, while spending my free time out on the water fishing. My true passion has always been in the art of crafting custom rods. I enjoyed fixing rods for local tackle shops, along with building custom rods for friends and family members.

House of Rods really began to take off when our rods caught the eye of local anglers. I feel very fortunate that my rod building and refurbishing hobby took off and is now what is it today. We've built and sold hundreds of custom fishing rods - each with their own unique features.

We pride ourselves in bringing each customer's vision to life. We will work with you to create the rod that is just right for you and one that you will be proud to use. Each rod is handcrafted right here, in South Jersey, with quality materials we believe in. When you walk out of our shop with one of our rods, you walk away as part of our House of Rods family.

We are thankful and appreciate each one of our customers. Your loyalty, support and love for fishing allows us to do what we love.

Happy Fishing,


Meet Jim

In 2021 Jim officially joined the House of Rods team, although him and Chuck go way back. They were college roommates at the University of Delaware. Jim is an avid fisherman himself and specializes in fly rods and back bay rods. He brings a lot of experience and knowledge to the team.

Meet Abby

Abby has been a part of the H.O.R. Fam for years, but officially joined the team in 2020. Since then she has been managing House of Rods' social media and online presence. If you haven't already, like our Facebook page & click the button below to check out our Instagram!

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Meet Our Team

  • Captain Allen P Fennimore III

    Allen grew up with South Jersey roots - Cape May, Franklinville & Marmora . He has been fishing for over 52 years and has plenty of experience with salt water and fresh water fishing, party boats, sport fishing boats and salt water tournament boats.

    Thanks to his father and mother, he spent his toddler years on a Steury Boat with a Johnson 25 hp in the Cape May Inlet. They not only taught him how to fish, but passed down a family tradition.

    He's a big fan of our South Jersey tributaries, creeks, rivers, bays, ocean and inlets, and all through the Pine Barrens. He enjoys fishing, clamming, crabbing and duckhunting. With the support from his wife Tricia and my two sons and family, he is able to continue with this lifestyle.

    He truly believes we live in one of the best year-round fisheries in the country and that there are many opportunities.  

  • Josh Hurst

    Fishing has always been his passion.  As a young man, he spent summers fishing the creeks of South Jersey.  Now, he is fortunate to take his sons out to experience that same excitement and adventure.  Josh began creating his own tackle in 2010. After refining his skills and learning new techniques, he started Hurst Tackle Supply. In 2020, he finally left his day job to create tackle full-time.

  • Chris Hartman

  • Andrew Montanga

    Andrew is an experienced inshore angler with decades of success. Born into a commercial fishing family that owned a seafood market and marina. He is now following in the foot steps of his father, Dan Montagna, chasing the precarious striped bass around the back bays of Ocean City.

    As a result of his lifelong passionf or fishing, Andrew spends countless hours testing rods and reels from different companies in the industry, When he is not fishing you can find him transferring his experience and knowledge to eager customers at TackleDirect.

  • Jim Farley


  • Cody Mann

    Cody started fishing when he was a young kid, learning from his grandfather out in the waters of Fortescue. Cody continued the legacy and continues to fish out in the Delaware River or in the Atlantic Ocean with his friends and you'll still occasionally catch him out on the water with his 80 year old grandfather. So much time on the water has brought Cody to learn different rods and reels, and which he prefers and likes best. When he's not fishing, you can find him in the woods or on the creek hunting deer, ducks or geese.

  • Johnny Williams

    Johnny started fishing when he was able to walk, sitting in the ice chest on the boat playing with the bail while watching his father fish. Later on learning from his father in the South Jersey bays, rivers and estuaries. Johnny has continued his family's legacy by fishing in the local waterways. With so many hours spent on the water, he has fished every rod and reel ranging from A to Z. This has allowed him to find the perfect fit for him. Over the past years he has become a light tackle specialist, pursuing line class and state records.

  • Matt Giroud

    Matt grew up in Ocean City, NJ with a family that loved boating and being around the water. He fished there as a kid, but later found his passion with a close friend reintroduced him to the sport a couple of years ago. All it took was live lining a peanut bunker under a Striper light and ... BOOM he was hooked!